How To Fix The Hotel Internet For PS4

The following is a video guide and post specific to the following:

  • PS4
  • Most Hotels
  • Getting the two to fully embrace each other!

Episode 1 Summary

In this video guide you will learn how to fix and connect your hotel’s internet to the PS4.

The key is to access the internet browser on your PS4 to accept the TOS for your hotel’s internet.

Additionally, we will include a fix incase you encounter a popular internet connection failed problem that doesn’t resolve after a PS4 restart!

Day 1 Connecting to the internet was fine. Day 2 got me this result! 🙁

If you have this problem you can fix it by manually adding your hotel’s internet IP, Subnet, DNS, & Gateway address numbers.

You would need a second WiFi capable device to connect to the hotel’s internet, such as your smart phone, and get those numbers by going into that device’s WiFi settings page.

This is an example of getting my internet settings from my Pixel 3a under Advanced settings after selecting the Wifi network. I willy copy that over to the PS4 manually.
Adding WiFi manually and internet settings will lead you to this screen. Leave Secondary DNS at and leave everything else after next on Automatic.

I hope you find this guide useful and if you have anything you would like to contribute towards this specific issue please let me know and we’ll offer a new version of this video!